What is your super power?

Oct 27, 2020 by Michelle Lavette Anderson
When you think of a super hero who comes to your mind? You may think of Superman or Spiderman. You may think of a person flying in the sky, climbing buildings saving someone in need.  Have you ever needed a superhero?
Have you ever felt like the victim? This has typically been the type of person that has needed to be saved.
It wasn't until they saw themselves as a victim and cried out for help that they could be rescued.
Have you ever been there? Have you ever recognized and admited that you have been a victim. A victim to rape, domestic violence, trauma, sexual assault etc? Have you experienced any type of trauma and felt stuck, you felt like there was no help, no hope?
Well that was me. As a child and early adult, I had experienced multiple forms of trauma. Due to my trauma, I became the victim. I felt robbed and taken advantage of. It caused me to become helpless and hopleless. The difference between me and the victim the super hero saves is that I didn't realize I was a victim. I thought it was normal for me to experience trauma  and hurting was just my way of life.  I  did not  know how to cry out for help because the pain I carried was my way of life. The moment that I admited that I had been victimzed (trauma), that I had been robbed (abandonment) and that something had been taken away from me (molestation), I used my voice and cried out for help. I didn't call superman or wonderwomen, I called God. Ephesians 3:20 taught me that God is abe to do exceedingly abundantly all that we can ever ask or think according to the power that worketh in us. Through God, we have power in us. God is able to do above anything we could ever imagine and yes that even  means healing. And that is the power he gave me, healing. After I decided to place my life and my trauma into God's hands, I was able to do something I didn't think was possible, heal. With Gods help, it is my mission to help HEAL others...

H- Helping others by sharing my own story
E- Having empathy for those who are hurting
A-  Using the anointing that God has given me to carry the burdens of others
L- Loving others where they are no matter the state they are in
I- Inspired by others who have overcome
N-Never giving up 
Using Gods word as a guide

Now that you have learned about my super power, what's yours?